Jo Moya

Joardi Meyer

Date of birth | 07.06.1996

Height | 1.77 m

Nationality | Dutch

Residence | The Netherlands

Bachelor | Industrial Product Design

Enjoying life and doing what you love most has been a personal motto since.. well, a long time ago.
Since 2017 I have started to take my self-taught hobbies more serious
and tried to elevate the things I love to do most, to a higher and more professional level.

One of the aspects I think is most important and which makes my services valuable for people,
is the amount of dedication I put in my work, what ultimately will result in high-quality content.
I aspire to achieve this by thoroughly understanding the means and needs of the client
and by making sure no idea is lost when communicating and sharing thoughts with one another.

Together with the creative view I can bring to the table, as well as being open to new ideas and insights,
I will make sure every project I start will result in satisfaction, for both the client as well as myself!